BOONDOCKS by Fairsquare

BOONDOCKS by Fairsquare


Made with ground oats, local honey and fresh raw milk from Honey, my beautiful jersey cow. Scented with vanilla and lavender essential oils, this is one very smooth bar of soap!

This is my only soap that is not vegan, but the milk collected from my cow is done in an ethical manner with her interests in mind.

A little bit about Honey, my wonderful friend and milk provider:
Honey was born July 25, 2013 and I adopted her at a few days old. I spent the next few months bottle feeding and loving her to bits. She has the loveliest sweet nature, as her name implies! When her calves are born, they get to stay with her until she decides it is time to wean. I have a single, petrol powered milk pump and usually take a few litres from her every 3-4 days so there is still plenty for her calf to grow big and strong. She comes running when I call, and stands happily without restraints to be milked, fed and brushed down.


Ingredients: Rain water, sodium hydroxide, olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, avocado oil, ricebran oil, castor oil, milk, honey, ground oats, cinnamon, vanilla and lavender essential oil.

approx. 170g

Handmade in New Zealand by Carly@Fairsquare

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